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                  Sunday, May 31st 2020

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                  IN THE NEWS:

                  Tracking COVID-19 at UCLABallpark Figures | Enterprise


                  May 21st, 12:52pm
                  In the Kitchen with Yeomans

                  Madi Yeomans won’t get to finish her final season with UCLA beach volleyball because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but she’s making the most of her quarantine by spending it in the kitchen.

                  By Jacqueline Dzwonczyk


                  May 18th, 4:36pm
                  Life at UCLA for students with dependents

                  Students with dependents at UCLA share how they balance school with being a parent. The USAC transfer representative office explains what can be done to ease this burden on these students.

                  By Miyu Roberts


                  May 14th, 4:13pm
                  DACA: What is it and what happens without it?

                  With the Trump administration ending the DACA program, Professor Abel Valenzuela and current undocumented students at UCLA discuss DACA and the implications of the current Supreme Court case on UCLA’s undocumented student body.

                  By Sophia King

                  Men's Golf

                  May 5th, 3:52pm
                  Welcome to the Giff

                  Hiding behind the Intramural Field, The Gifford Practice Complex, or “The Giff,” is home to UCLA’s golf teams. Want to see what’s hidden behind the fence?

                  By Jacqueline Dzwonczyk


                  April 24th, 2:50pm
                  Sports Plays Sports: Basketball

                  Before COVID-19 ended the basketball season, Daily Bruin Sports writers mimicked the playstyles of their favorite Bruins as they played a game of pickup basketball.

                  By Ashley Kenney, Tung Lin, and Lauren Kim


                  April 9th, 1:17pm
                  Headliners – Akshay Anand

                  In the last “Headliners” concert of the academic year, third-year Akshay Anand stops by the newsroom to perform his original songs to soothe your quarantine blues.

                  By Amy Zhang, MacKenzie Coffman, and Tung Lin


                  March 31st, 3:51pm
                  Politics In Your Eyes | Social Psychology

                  Political science is not the only field of study that deals with politics. See current events through the eyes of social neuroscientist Macrina Cooper-White.

                  By Natalie Tsang


                  March 19th, 7:02pm
                  The Hatred of Sounds (For those with sound sensitivity)

                  It was as if she could finally hear. Sabrina Huang describes her experience with misophonia – a severe hatred of certain “trigger sounds” such as chewing, slurping and lip smacking.

                  By MacKenzie Coffman

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